Big Rock Runners 

  Okotoks Running Club

About Us

What we do - We love to run.  

Ability level  - All over the map.  We have some speedy marathoners, lots of mid-packers, and some not-so-speedy fun runners.    Everyone is welcome and finds their "group".  

Where and when - The main entry at the Okotoks Recreation Centre every Saturday morning at 9am.  The Saturday run splits up and speedsters run ahead, the mid-packers hang together, the not-so-fast have a nice run, and the walking wounded hobble along or walk a loop. And then we all meet back at the Rec Centre for a coffee or juice or water or mystery-green-drink of your choice.

Events - Lots.  Christmas party, K-100 Relay, Breakfast run, annual meeting and run, Sheep River Road Race (we organize), and many others.

Weekly Blog - Check it out to see what we've been up to.  

Why should you come?

- Well, we're fun, we like our post-run mocha's, and we're runners.   

- And, we can help you fight it, if you are suffering from one of the 7 Deadly Running Sins:





                       Food Frenzy


                       Unknown Ability

Join us for a run sometime.  All are welcome.